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About Concealed Carry

Carrying a handgun concealed is, for those who qualify, a right and a privilege that brings with it immense responsibilities. In order to qualify you must demonstrate that you know and understand the law, and possess a basic knowledge of firearms and the skill to utilize them.

Classroom Instruction

Class instruction must take eight hours by state law. This can be broken up into smaller increments. You must answer at least 70% of the questions correct on a written test to qualify for a concealed carry permit in North Carolina. It is not required that you have an in depth knowledge of firearms to take a concealed carry class. We will spend more time on basic firearms training with less experienced students. It is recommended that you have basic pistol training such as that available through the NRA and NRA instructors. In fact, you do not even need to own a firearm to take the class. This means that a CC class with several people attending could have students with a wide range of firearms experience.

The focus is on being explicit and detailed about what is stated in North Carolina law regarding the use of deadly force in self defense. There is also discussion about firearm safety and what to do and what not to do when interacting with law enforcement. There is also discussion of where a citizen is not allowed to concealed carry. There will be extensive review before taking the test. THERE IS NO LIVE AMMUNITION IN THE CLASS AREA.

Shooting skill

In order to qualify to carry a hand gun concealed in North Carolina, you must hit a silhouette target from distances of  3, 5, and 7 yards (ten rounds each). If you do not yet own a firearm, there will be firearms available to use.


It is recommended that people with no experience take the NRA basic pistol class prior to NC Concealed Carry. However, I will spend more time on fundamentals with less experienced shooters. While the Concealed Carry class includes firearms safety and functionality, it is not as extensive or as in depth as in a basic firearms class. NC Concealed Carry is NOT an NRA affiliated course.

You should bring hearing and eye protection (inexpensive and widely available). These will also be available to use. Safety fundamentals will be emphasized.

  • Treat all guns as if they are loaded

  • Always keep a firearm pointed in a safe direction.

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

  • Always know your target and what is behind it


Knowing the Law

There are explicit laws covering the carrying of a concealed handgun and the use of deadly force in North Carolina. There are places where citizens are prohibited from carrying firearms. There are an infinite number of scenarios in which the use of deadly force might seem justified but is not justified under the law. Knowing, understanding, and obeying the law could make the difference between acting in a legal manner and exposing yourself to the possibility of criminal prosecution. The burden is on the owner of the handgun to know and obey the law. 

Next Concealed Carry Class Dates

Saturday April 1, 8AM

Saturday April 15, 8AM

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Private Instruction

Applying for a CC Permit

There are 100 counties in NC. Every sheriff's dept. has their own procedure for applying for a handgun permit (Pistol Purchase Permit or Concealed Carry Permit). See links below. A purchase permit costs $5 to apply and allows the permit holder to purchase one handgun. A purchase permit is valid for five years. A concealed carry permit allows the permit holder to purchase any hand gun or long gun without the store having to run a background check. A Concealed Carry permit must be renewed every five years. There is no requirement to take the class again unless the permit holder has let the permit expire and is beyond the grace period. Once a citizen has a Concealed Carry permit, there is no longer a need for a purchase permit. The processing time for purchase permits is typically less than that for Concealed Handgun Permits. Concealed Handgun Permits may take several weeks to process.

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