I like to keep a relaxed, informal atmosphere in my classes. We will discuss every aspect of state law and we will make sure students have a full understanding of the criteria for the justification for using deadly force in self defense. Safety at a shooting range and safe handling of a firearm will be taught and reiterated as well as firearm functionality.


The shooting exercise is the smallest pert of the class. For students who are less experienced, we will spend more time doing some extra shooting and firearm instruction. Inexperienced shooters will not be criticized, yelled at, or made examples of. That said, a shooter who exhibits unsafe behaviors at the range will be corrected immediately. An apathetic attitude toward safety or carelessness could require a student's removal from class. 

If a student is intimidated by the prospect of shooting in front of a crowd of people, we can work one on one with no one else around. The official shooting exercise is only 30 rounds at 3, 5, and 7 yards. It is not difficult and we want to make sure students know the proper way to conduct themselves at the range and at the shooting line.

You should bring a hat, eye protection and ear protection and you should wear closed toed shoes. Eye and ear protection do not have to be expensive. They are available at low cost from stores like Academy Sports and Harbor Freight. If you need them we have eye and ear protection for you to use.


After the official shooting is done, students may wish to try out shooting a few of my firearms for fun or to get an idea of how different calibers and models feel to shoot.  Sometimes students will bring firearms to use that are not suitable for the shooting exercise. This may be because of the age or condition of the firearm. When we determine that a student's firearm is not suitable for the exercise, we will provide a firearm to use.

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