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I live in Alamance County which is in almost the center of the state. I have done classes for people people as much as three or more hours away. 
  • Concealed Carry class in your home.

  • For Concealed Carry, the "classroom" part of concealed carry classes do not have to be administered in a particular place.

  • For individuals or couples who have scheduling issues,

  • For those who would rather not take the class among a group of people

  • For those who desire individual instruction for whatever reason,

  • I can even come to the student's home.

  • We can also meet somewhere convenient.

  • The shooting can also be arranged at a convenient time.

  • We can do the shooting exercise on your property If you have a safe place to do it.

  • Contact me directly to make arrangements. 

  • 1 person $200

  • 2 people together $300

  • 3 people $400

  • 4 people $500

  • 5 people $600

  • 6 or more $100 per person

You and about 20 million other people purchased your first gun some time in the last three years. Being a responsible, law-abiding citizen, you took your gun home and locked it safely in a small safe. And you have not touched it since. You would like to learn how to safely handle and shoot your gun but you don't have time to take an all day class. You would like individual instruction and it would be nice if it didn't cost hundreds of doillars. 

  • For firearms only instruction, just you, your coach (me), and your firearm for 2 hours.

  • Getting to know and understand YOUR gun.

  • Leave able to competently, confidently handle your firearm safely without fear

  • 2 hours-$50

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