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Instruction For Those Who Fear Guns

I seem to have a knack for working with people who are nervous or fearful of firearms but have a desire to learn about them anyway. It was not that long ago that I was in just that position. I remember when we bought our first firearm. We walked into the gun shop totally clueless. The gentleman at the counter showed us a 9MM Ruger that I now wish we had purchased. It was totally over our heads and we were totally intimidated. We ended up buying a .38 Special revolver which I still often carry. That firearm was a good choice for us because of its simplicity and reliability.

It was not long before I wanted something more fun to shoot. Now I own a 9MM Smith & Wesson semiautomatic and a Beretta .22 target pistol. When I work with an inexperienced shooter, I seem to have a good sense of what concerns him or her. I assume m students need explicit instruction even in what seems obvious to an experienced shooter.

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