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The Republican Primary

For those of us who want to defend and maintain our Second Amendment rights, the Republican Party is the only option at this time.

I like all three candidates in the Senate primary and I will support the nominee regardless. There are two questions we need to answer as we decide who to support for U.S. Senate.

  1. Which candidate will NOT go to Washington and become a RINO like Richard Burr and Thom Tillis? Tillis only became more "conservative" when he realized that spending his first two years in the Senate distancing himself from Trump was causing him to lose support.

  2. Which candidate will NOT flinch when the Democrat calls him a racist? Which candidate will play hard ball in October? We do not need a nominee who is content with winning the nomination and losing in November like Dole, McCain, Romney, et. al.

On both questions, I think McCrory is the weakest candidate. I hope I am wrong.


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