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Don't Be That Guy

In my part-time job, I sell guns at a retail store. One thing I see occasionally is couples for whom one partner is more experienced with firearms than the other. This is usually but not always a female who is less experienced and a male who is more experienced. Sometimes, when I am showing the less experienced partner a firearm, the more experienced partner cannot resist injecting comments and advice, which can sometimes ruin the experience for the less experienced partner. This is when I often see the epitome of "mansplaining." The male is so eager to impart his knowledge and experience, it keeps the lady from experiencing things for herself. I make it a point to deal with the lady directly, handing her the gun (not handing it to the male for him to hand to her), and answering her questions. As I said, it is not always the stereotypical male/female situation. But I have seen it often enough to have this simple piece of advice for the men. DON'T BE THAT GUY.


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