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Open Carry

I have seen in the last two years something I had not seen at all in the previous four years of teaching concealed carry. People are getting in trouble with the law for concealing without a permit. The are people who have purchased their first gun and they do not know the law. They travel with the gun in their glove box or console. When they get pulled over, an officer comes to the window and asks if they have a firearm. The person says yes and when the officer asks where it is, the person says - Its in the glovebox. The officer asks to see the driver's concealed carry permit and the person says - The what? That is when the person gets in trouble. I have had several students in the last two years take my concealed carry class because the judge in their case said - Bring me the certificate and I will drop the charge.

Open carry is legal in North Carolina but your firearm must be visible at all times and from any angle if you are travelling in a vehicle. This is another reason to go ahead and apply for a concealed carry permit.


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